Thursday, February 28, 2013

Christian County Genealogical Society

presents their “annual Speaker Event

Sunday, March 10, 2013 at 1:30 pm

(Location will be in the ’Pence’ building on the grounds of the 
Christian County Historical Society)

Local attorney & Civil War Historian Tom Doyle will be speaking on the:

“Sultana” - Death on the Mississippi

Tom will also bring an up-date on the 'Long' family of Taylorville, IL.

Also speaking will be Katie Spindell ‘Chairman of the Board of Directors’ of the

2015 Lincoln Funeral Coalition 
on upcoming events for the coalition

This Event is made possible by the generosity of the Christian County Genealogical Society and is Free to the Public

A printable PDF of this event is available here for off-line viewing and telling others.   

Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Fifth Illinois soldiers "Prairie Boys Go To War"
by: Rhonda M. Kohl

It is with great pleasure that I've gotten to correspond with book author Rhonda M. Kohl. About two years ago she had called the Christian Co. Historical Society asking if we might have a photo of William Skiles, (a Taylorville, IL. native in which the Society had published, a now out of print book titled "Letters to Home"), so that she could use the photo in her new book "Prairie Boys Go To War". I looked, and yes we did which I copied and sent to her.
Rhonda informed me a couple of weeks ago that her book "Prairie Boys Go To War" had been printed and was available for sale on these sites:

About the Fifth Illinois Cavalry between the years 1861 to September 1865.
Rhonda offers the only modern, comprehensive analysis of a southern Illinois regiment during the Civil War.

There is also a 'Roster' listing available (click on Roster) for viewing.

Rhonda M. Kohl is also on Facebook and has a Facebook page for her book: 
The Prairie Boys Go to War: The Fifth Illinois Cavalry, 1861-1865
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