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Box 28 Taylorville, IL 62568

Cost $10 to research, per family, our holding for both Internet or US Postal queries.  If you are a member of our society we will look in our holdings free.

BIOGRAPHIES: For biographies we have Christian County histories: 1880, 1894, 1904, 1918, 1964. Morrisonville and Palmer Centennials have a few bios. 

PLAT MAPS: Earliest plat map is 1872; it has an index.  If township is known we will search in the 1891, 1902, 1911, 1918, 1924 plats.

CENSUS: The only census we have are: 1840, 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880 and IL State census for 1855 & 1865  

CEMETERIES:  Taylorville's Oak Hill cemetery information can be accessed on line through the Taylorville Web Page ( We will look in our holdings for Christian County Cemeteries.  Abandoned cemeteries were read in the 1960's and reread in late 1980's.  Active ones were also read in the 1960's and have not been kept up to date.

OBITUARIES:  Need to have at least month and year to look up obituaries.  We have the following newspapers on Microfilm:  Taylorville Breeze April 30, 1894 - July 1946 with 1898 missing.(daily paper).  Pana Gazette  July 27, 1865 - December 18, 1886 and Pana Palladium January 1, 1887 - December 1897.  (weekly papers)  Morrisonville  August 27, 1865 - December 18, 1886. Some from Assumption.  Earlier papers had very few obituaries, and all had missing dates and some complete years. Taylorville Breeze Courier and Pana News Palladium newspaper office has all years to date but no microfilm printer.   If we go to the newspaper we will charge $5 extra and only hand copy pertinent genealogy information.

MARRIAGES:  We have Marriage index from 1839 to 1920.

MICROFILM: Probate records: 1839 - 1886; Letters & Wills: 1849 - 1861 & 1871 - 1919; Land Deeds 1839 - 1884; Quit Claims 1868 - 1890.

COURTHOUSE:  State laws: you can get death and marriage certificates earlier than 25 years and birth records earlier than 75 years. The courthouse charges $5 for copies of these certificates.  Without dates it will cost $10 per person.  We will go and look up those and other records for $10 plus what the courthouse charges us.

Let us know if you wish for us to do research for you.