Sunday, August 24, 2014


There's a lot happening that you can attend at/or nearby the CC Genealogical Society in the next three months that we'd like to mention them here.

August 29-31 friends at 'Coal Creek Days' located at the Northeast Corner of The fairgrounds in Pana, IL.

September 27: our friends at 'Tovey, IL. Centennial' along with a 'Cookoff' the same day

September 28: The CC Genealogical Society and the Assumption Historical Society will present:

Coming events will be:
October 4-5: 'Taylorville & Christian County's '175th Celebration' Events happening during these                             two days at the CC Historical Society are posted on the 'Historical Society' tab at the top                       of this blog

October 16, 7:00pm Friends at the Taylorville Public Library have guest John Hallwas presenting, “Cemeteries and Graves”: American Historical and Literary Perspectives”. The origin of cemeteries as we know them today is a complex one that draws on our changing attitudes towards death and dying over the last two centuries. As Hallwas says of the change in cemeteries over the years in his book “Here to Stay”: “When the dead resided in a beautifully kept and spiritually infused place, then death itself seemed less formidable and frightening.” The IL Humanities Council Road Scholars Program will sponsor this presentation.

October 18-19: Our friends at Moweaqua's Muddy Water RENDEZVOUS